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Nearly everyone can enjoy success in archery whether or not they are the tallest, fastest, or strongest person around. The sport or discipline of archery is highly inclusive and is for many enthusiasts, a lifelong

Archery is a diverse and super-safe shooting activity with a wide variety of formats and styles. An archer may shoot local, national, and world tournament formats. Many different kinds of bows, arrows, and accessories and countless types of targets placed at various marked or unmarked distances may be encountered.

In NASP®-style archery students of all genders, abilities and backgrounds flourish.

Please refer to our web site at: Look under 'contacts' to see if your state, province, or country participates in NASP®. Then find your coordinator's contact information. The coordinator will arrange for teacher training. If grants are available you may receive assistance to purchase the ~$3,000 start-up kit.

If you are interested in becoming NASP® trained & certified, visit to search for a class near you.

2018 Rules and Regulations – Bullseye PDF
2018 Rules & Regulations – 3D PDF
5 Bubble Scorecard Sample PDF
Important Safety Reminder to All Participants PDF
General Brochure PDF
Genesis Bow Diagram PDF
NASP® Instructor Liability Insurance from 3DI PDF
2015 Annual Report PDF
2016 Archery Trade Association Safety Brochure PDF
Student Becomes the Teacher PDF
2018 Awards Brochure From PDF

Archery Curriculum

We provide this curriculum to you free of charge. It does meet or exceed all US States minimum Standards.

If you are interested in becoming NASP® trained & certified, visit to search for a class near you.

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Elementary Curriculum PDF
Middle School Curriculum PDF
High School Curriculum PDF

New to NASP®?

If your State, Province and or Country is not listed (below) please look at this statement.

Before NASP® can be adopted in any another State, Province, or Country we must agree upon a entity that will be charged with coordinating NASP® in that location. In the United States we require that a government wildlife conservation agency provide this lead. In Canada it is usually a province-wide Wildlife Federation or Department of Education. In South Africa it is a country-wide Hunter Education organization that works with school already. Australia is administered through the Police Department. NASP® works because we partner with a Government entity.

We do it this way to make sure NASP® is offered country-wide. If we started the program in a single school/state/country the program would fail to grow.

To coordinate NASP® the coordinating entity must:

  1. Sign an agreement with NASP® to assure the program will follow our very standard, universal operating principles.
  2. Be willing to be the contact for NASP® in that country (web site, contact person, telephone)
  3. Be willing to set up training programs to certify teachers: 1st a Pilot Program with Roy Grimes for 3 days then future trainings as needed when more schools want to join.
  4. Keep records and provide reports to NASP® regarding participation and instructor roles.
  5. Help organize a national tournament.
  6. Keep participating schools apprised of NASP® updates.

If you are interested in becoming NASP® trained & certified, visit to search for a class near you.