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There are numerous opportunities to try other types of Archery. Below are some resources to help you get started.

Possible Grant Opportunities in your area. Ask your NASP® Coordinator as well.

How it works: Click on one of the websites

  1. You will be directed to their Chapter locator / Regional Chairman or Regional Director
  2. Send a letter, email or call the person at the number listed.
  3. Tell them you are trying to start a NASP® school in your community
  4. Ask for a NASP® equipment grant ($500 is typical but can be more-ask for what you need)
  5. Below are ‘talking points’ for NASP®
  6. Be prepared to meet with the local committee or go to a fund raising banquet
  7. Fund raising banquets are a great place to ask for help and show support for the local chapter

NASP® Talking Points

  1. NASP® is target style archery.
  2. NASP® is taught in more than 15,000 schools in 47 states and many other countries.
  3. NASP® teaches a lifetime shooting skill to over 2 Million 4th-12th grade)students annually.
  4. NASP® is a gateway activity…..many archers become hunters, and anglers.
  5. 77% of NASP® students are new archers and almost 40% are girls.

Each of these organizations is aware and supports the mission of NASP®- Target style archery as a part of the in-school curriculum, to improve educational performance and participation in the shooting sports among students in grades 4-12.

Please email us if you have any questions

Copy and paste the below links into your browser and find your local Chapter of each Organization.

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Mathews Inc. Fundraising Opportunity

Looking to fundraise for your NASP® program?

Contact Trent Traxler at Mathews Inc. (608) 269-2728

Mathews Inc. offers a selection of bows that can be used for raffles to help fund your NASP® efforts. The offerings change from time to time so check in with Trent & he can let you know what all is currently offered. You will want to check your local laws, as you will more than likely need a raffle license.

We have heard of NASP® schools raising over $3,000 just from the sale of $10 -$20 raffle tickets.

It’s a very small investment with a possible huge return.

Alumni Profile

Featured Alumni – Kelsey Gerchar

Featured Alumni – Kelsey Gerchar

Kelsey Gerchar - a NASP® graduate, now serves as her state’s Archery Education Coordinator with the Arizona Game & Fish Department.

Sponsor Profile

Mission Archery

Mission Archery

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