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In November of 2015, National NASP® leadership and a group of NASP® educators and students met to discuss ways to further enhance the 15 year old program. One recommendation was to establish a uniform incentive and recognition format to recognize and promote academic achievement among participating NASP® students. The concept of a NASP® Academic Archer was recommended.

ATTN: NASP® COACHES – an indicator has been added to your archer list page to denote Academic Archers for this season.  This indicator will display the AA image next to any archer who has been designated as an Academic Archer for the current school year.  This will make it easier for you to identify your AA Archers.  This indicator can be changed by editing the archer and checking the box for Academic Archer.

NOTE:   The deadline to indicate an archer as an Academic Archer is April 30th.

Academic Archer


Academic Archer Criteria  PDF
How to Designate Academic Archers  PDF
Academic Archer Patch/Decal Order Form  XLS
Academic Archer Certificate PDF
Academic Archer One Page Advertisement  PDF


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2016 Academic Archer Equipment Winners  PDF
2017 Academic Archer Equipment Winners  PDF
Academic Archer 2017 Details PDF
Academic Archer Press Release  PDF

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Featured Alumni – Kelsey Gerchar

Featured Alumni – Kelsey Gerchar

Kelsey Gerchar - a NASP® graduate, now serves as her state’s Archery Education Coordinator with the Arizona Game & Fish Department.

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Mission Archery

Mission Archery

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